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Our Love Story

Hi and welcome to our blog where we’ll be sharing all things ShakeTastic.
It’s where our founders Josh and Amir will be talking about music, movies, magic and of course milk shakes and super smoothies.
But we need you guys. We really do. Not just because you make ShakeTastic what it is. We need you to talk with, to share your ideas, photos and whatever else is happening in your world.
Join in with us and get the blog emailed to your in box every fortnight by commenting below and selecting “Notify me of new posts by email”.

Our Love Story

shake-stories1It’s that time of year where love is in the air.

So how are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Maybe you’re taking that special person to a movie? Or sending that cute guy or girl a card hoping they guess it’s from you?

At ShakeTastic we love to love and our team of mixologists have blended a limited edition Valentine’s Special.

85 Shakes of Great is a wicked mix of naughty Nutella and fabulous Ferroro Rocher topped off with wicked whipped cream.

Love is what got ShakeTastic started in the first place six years ago.

We loved milkshakes but wanted something more. Back then it was a case of strawberry, or chocolate or vanilla and not much else. We both thought ‘enough already.’

“Let’s do this differently and let’s give people a chance to choose.”

It’s where our saying ‘Don’t Just Think It, Drink It’ comes from. And it’s why we offer 85 different flavours of milkshakes but no limit on combinations.

Since opening our first store in Mill Hill in 2009 we’ve never stopped loving. We love what we do, love you guys for choosing us and we love sharing our passion for making our milk shakes and smoothies so damn good.

There’s so much we’re doing right now it’s hard to know what to start sharing with you first.

Will it be the ShakeTastic bus bringing the party to your door? Shall we talk about the new ShakeTastic pop up bar which you can hire for your party or event?

Man, we’ve been busy and this year will see some wicked events taking place in our stores including Hip Hop workshops, yo-yo sessions and some Top Secret stuff we can’t talk about just yet.

Whatever you’re doing do it with love and keep drinking whatever it is your thinking.

Josh and Amir

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