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BREAKING NEWS – Secret Space Shake Special

Top Secret Shakes Sent on Space Mission

Award winning smoothie and milkshake company ShakeTastic has been commissioned by NASA to create drinks which help astronauts fight homesickness and boredom while in space.

The company has created a drink from a top secret recipe which will accompany an American space mission launching later this month.

ShakeTastic Founder Amir Darabi said: “We were approached by a NASA scientist who visited our Pinner bar. We just got chatting about what flavours we had and what we could do with our drinks. Then a couple of days later I got a phone call from him asking us to meet up with them in central London. They wanted us to create a shake astronauts could drink which would keep them happy while they were in outer space.”

Co founder Josh Kettle takes up the story. “At first we thought it was a joke but then we realised they were serious. The research into the recipe took 12 months to perfect and the reaction we’ve had from astronauts has been incredibly positive. We’ve called it the Secret Space Shake Special.”

Chuck Rivers, of NASA (National Agency of Shakeloving Astronauts) said: “One of our agents tasted a ShakeTastic while he was in London and said it was THE best shake he’s ever tasted. It’s very important to keep up morale when you are circling thousands of miles above earth. It can be lonely but with the secret shakes we know how to put the smile back on our astronauts faces. We are delighted to have ShakeTastic on board, literally.”

The only ingredients ShakeTastic would confirm were Flying Saucers, Mars, Galaxy and Milky Bars along with loads of fun.


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