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The Best Things in Life are Free

Hi and welcome to our blog where we’ll be sharing all things ShakeTastic.
It’s where our founders Josh and Amir will be talking about music, movies, magic and of course milk shakes and super smoothies.
But we need you guys. We really do. Not just because you make ShakeTastic what it is. We need you to talk with, to share your ideas, photos and whatever else is happening in your world.
Join in with us and get the blog emailed to your in box every fortnight by commenting below and selecting “Notify me of new posts by email” or Subscribing on the sidebar of this post.

The Best Things in Life are Free


People love free stuff. We do. You do. Everyone does.

That’s why we’ve gotta lotta free stuff happening within our stores.

Our Mill Hill store has just been given a facelift Tulisa would be proud of. (We’re joking Tulisa – we love you really).

Part of the pimping up process has been hooking up an arcade machine that’s free to play. It’s filled with retro classics including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong. It’s already proving crazy popular with you guys and the competition to top the leader board is fiercer than a hungry Pit Bull with a sore head.

Across all of ShakeTastic’s bars we are running a pumping promotion where you’ll get our Shake House CD for free when you spend over £15 with us or buy a VAS shake.

Who’s VAS? He’s our in house rapper and cooler than any shake we could ever make. The CDs are flying out of the stores so come in, have some drinks and get your CD.

All good things come in threes (see what we did there?) and we’re excited to tell you our Pinner and Finchley stores now deliver all day. Spend over £15 and we’ll bring your freshly made shakes and juices to your home, office or party for free.hamleysshake

Next time you’re in the West End and have some free time pop into ShakeTastic in Hamleys on Regents Street. It’s the home of our extra special, exclusive Hamleys shake which comes super sized topped off with edible 23 carat gold!

Hamleys is also home to another member of the ShakeTastic family tZing! which offers luxury cakes, pastries and delicious teas and coffees. Check it out when you’re in town.

Till next time stay safe and keep drinking whatever it is your thinking.


Josh and Amir

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