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It’s that time of Year Again

Three things happen this time of year – every year!

Firstly the TV, internet and all your social media get jammed with Christmas adverts.

You know it’s not far off when the John Lewis advert drops (it’s good though).

Secondly one of our most popular ever drinks makes a welcome return.

White Christmas is in our stores now – it’s a festive mix of white Kinder Bueno, white Nestle Crunch and topped with whipped cream and coconut flakes.

And last but not least the drop in temperature means a lot of people get hit by flu bugs and colds. But don’t worry guys we’ve got your back.

Our 100% fruit juices are perfect to help keeps colds at bay especially when you add an extra boost to your drink!

They are packed full of fruity goodness and will keep you in tip top shape for shopping expeditions or trips to the cinema. See the bottom of this blog for our full Booster menu!

Actually we should have said four things happen this time of year. In the run up to Christmas and the New Year our pop up bars start popping up everywhere – at parties, office celebrations and pretty much any reason to have a good time.

Whether you want a pop up bar to serve up Cookie Monsters, White Christmases or bespoke personalised blends we’ve got it covered. Imagine how good a Baileys’ shake would taste (obviously over 18’s only for that blend!)

See the party packages we have below and to get in touch about our pop ups email: popup@shaketastic.com

Until next time keep drinking what you’re thinking and stay safe, healthy and happy.

Josh and Amir

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